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How to create frist web page

Dear viewers in this tutorial absolutely beginner who has no idea about HTML language. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language for writing web pages this language is used because all browsers can read this language and display the content of html pages. For creating html pages simply Notepad can be used and a browser can  display the content.

Create first web page for beginner

The Following Process needs to be completed

>> Open Notepad

>> At the top of the page type DOCTYPE<!DOCTYPE html>

>> Then next line write<html>

>> Then next line add the opening header tag:<head>

>> Then next line adds title and type <title></title>.

>> Then the next line, insert the closing header tag:</head>

>> Then the next line, type <body>

>> Then the next line, type </body>

>> Finally, go to the next line and type </html>

>> In the File menu, choose Save As.

>> In the Save as Type option box, choose All Files.

>> Name the file myfirstpage.htm.

>> Click Save.



<!DOCTYPE html>



    <title>My First Web Page</title>




        First Heading</h1>


        first paragraph.</p>



Finally you have created a HTML page then click on the page that will be displayed by web browser

Out Put


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How to create frist web page

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